Fred's House Live From The Ent Shed

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Fred's House Live From The Ent Shed


Limited edition (250), 100% live and acoustic recording from The Ent Shed - Bedford. 

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Track Listing: 

  1. Wrong Time - Lachlan
  2. Hold On - Griff and Vix
  3. Face in the Water - Griff and Vix
  4. I'm Not Saying - Griff and Vix
  5. Skin and Bone - Griff and Vix
  6. Norwegian Wood - The Beatles (Cover)
  7. Grown Up a Little - Griff and Vix
  8. Bonnie & Clyde - Lachlan
  9. Standing Next To Me - Griff and Vix
  10. Too Late To Go Home - Griff and Vix
  11. Fine Life - Griff and Vix
  12. Beautiful You - Griff and Vix   
  13. Looking Glass - Lachlan

Music by Fred's House
Michael Pipe and The Ent Shed Bedford Present
Bonnie & Clyde Tour March 2014
Live sound engineer - Keiron Jones
Edited by Chris Bradbury
Logo by Maria Warnes
Handmade card wallets by Fred's House