"Vikki Gavin impressively guides us through the story while there is some notable guitar work from Lachlan Golder that makes this track stand out. If It's Vikki that takes us through the opening song then it's Griff Jameson who takes lead duties on the second new song "Can We Just Pretend?" a soulful classic from the Fred's showing their versatility. Punctuated by a superior guitar solo this really is a double A side. Fred's House remain one of the most consistently entertaining bands on the UK circuit!" W21 Music single review


"Their set was barnstorming. Vikki and Griff are such engaging singers and the band play with such joy that it is impossible not to become involved... a sheer joy to behold."  W21 Music Live review at Midwinterfest 2017

"Fred's House is a very popular band who have built up a significant following, and they were quickly bringing the house down" Maverick Magazine - Live review from Midwinter Fest (Torquay Jan 2016)


Press for Faultines

"Splendid album, to-die-for harmonies" Maverick Magazine ****

"a healthy dose of the feel good factor" FATEA Magazine

"A perfect piece of retro Laurel Canyon folk-rock pop" Laurel Canyon Music

"a crystalline lead vocal from Vikki Gavin, it would take a hard heart to resist such a beautiful song" 8.5/10 Midlands Rocks

"incredibly intimate to listen to... it just feels effortless" Slate the Disco

"Jameson and Gavin write big anthemic songs to which the rest of the band do full justice... it's very powerful" R2 Magazine

"They make damn fine music and effortlessly transfer this attribute to the live venue. FAULTLINES should be added to your ‘to get’ list and fast tracked to the top." Three Chords and the Truth


Press for Bonnie & Clyde and single Fine Life

"Exceptional debut Album... a band capable of scaling considerable heights" Bonnie and Clyde review R2 Magazine

"Harmonies soar like a nightingale recalling the best of Poco and CSN but this music belongs to Fred's House... terrific" Bonnie and Clyde review Maverick Magazine

 "A real delight in discovering and I have no hesitation in recommending that you do the same." Fatea Magazine

 "I love this band, they've got a great sound and some very fine harmonies. Fred's House sounds like a nice place to be!" Frank Hennessy, BBC Radio Wales

 "Fine Life is a hook laden track that really is a delight. This is a band that really does know how to harmonise and the coming together of voices really does deliver a beautiful sound. Vix’s voice is just wonderful as it has a delicate sound to it at the start of the track but then she really shows off her range and power as the song progresses. Fred’s House are set to be the band to watch this year." ***** Female First Magazine

 "We're expecting big things from these guys." Cambridge News. Vikki Gavin, Fred's House: "We're old school. We just want to perform live. That is where we really do get the kick." Read full Interview with Cambridge News - double page spread 1st August 2013

 “Fine Life” is composed of delicate melodies and simplistic lyrics that go hand in hand with one another. Soothing strings, sparing beats and intertwining dual vocals put us on a whole new level. To top it off we’ve got melodic chorus that gets stuck in your head quicker than you thought possible. A great soulful song, Fred’s House demonstrates that there is a market for pop-infused folk. Yet as the song progresses, becoming stronger with each second I can’t help but feeling like it never reaches it peak, or maybe I just never wanted to end." **** Venture Magazine

 "‘Fine Life’ is an up tempo, ever-so-slightly bitter reflection on life on the bread line with a wriggly ear-worm of a chorus. Don’t get us wrong – we adored the sunshine smiles of 2011, but this just feels more grown up.  The Cambridge Four have lost none of their gift for melody and pace, lead singer Vix’s vocal is more varied, and there’s even a surprising Santana-style guitar riff in the middle. Foot-tapping, thoughtful, and immensely singalong-able." For Folk Sake - Track of the Day

 "This band are unlike anything else out there at the minute, they undoubtedly have what it takes to be massive." **** Music-News

 "Fred's House manage to put material out that totally reflects their own thoughts and style and potentially add slightly new aspects to the genre. Their standard of music remains high through every song and they're all full of moments that really grab your attention demonstrating a strong band and a full set of professional skills that are leading them to bigger things. Clearly demonstrating the band are supported by many in the music industry, it is no wonder that their next single has been predicted for big things. Fred's House are a band you will want to check out and support because they will receive their big break in the near future." Music Matters

 "Finally, they release debut single Fine Life, which underlines their ability to deliver ear-pleasing songwriting built around sweet vocal harmonies and warm, breezy pop-folk hooks and gets the toes tapping in a way you could never have imagined." 

**** Indie London

 "A band serious about their music and where it can take them. Therefore, you may be forgiven for believing that the music they produce is much more solemn than the reality; Fred’s House’s particular brand of folk music is full of the kind of hooks and choruses that wouldn’t seem out of place within a pop song. Fine Life is an indicator of a band at its happiest and most fluent: described by themselves as an “ode to the devil-may-care lifestyle of being skint but enjoying it nonetheless”. The track fizzles, and each individual member seems to feed off another. With the BBC and in particular 6Music taking an interest in the band, it’s clear that with the passion they dedicate to their music and with similar pop-folk like this Fred’s House could be breaking into the mainstream very soon." Vulture Hound Magazine

 "One thing you will do is take that chorus with you. Catchy doesn't even do it justice." Edd Lane for Hold Up Now single review and Interview

 "With it's hook-laiden catchiness it's the perfect showcase for their quirky songwriting, excellent musicianship and the vocal harmonies of Vikki Gavin and Griff Jameson."

Review of 'Looking Glass' EP in Rock n' Reel R2 Magazine

 “Fred’s House - You can’t help but be charmed by the eclectic mix of styles tucked away within their feel good pop songs. Masses of charisma and a shed load of catchy melodies make this music that leaves you with a stupid grin on your face.” Fred's House voted as one of Slate the Disco's acts of the 2012, picked by Ally Gale

  "Fred’s House are an up tempo offering. Though they’re limited to a short set, they still win me over. Fine Life is delivered with a catchy chorus which forces you to sing along". More then the Music live review from our club tent performance at Cambridge Folk Festival

 "Beautiful vocals and harmonies delivered with passion and skill. Catch them now" ESP Magazine (Peterborough Music Magazine)

 "The brightest sparks on the Cambridgeshire music scene" The Hunts Post

 "Support came from the impressive quartet Fred's House, a female fronted indie folk band from Cambridge.  They had both personality and charm in abundance." Bedford Esquires website, live review supporting The Wonderstuff

 "As introductions go, rarely have I seen one more accurate than the “very lovely and very local” description given to our support act, Cambridge based ‘Fred’s House‘. The beaming smiles and flower entwined microphone on show proved to be a fair visual reflection of their music; breezy folk-pop songs with feel good catchy melodies – set opener “I’m Not Saying” being a perfect example. Highlights included the touchingly endearing “Last Thing I Wanted” and “Fine Life”, a cracking cover of “Norwegian Wood” and then the rhythmic roller coaster of ‘Beautiful You”, with Latin guitars and crashing cymbals aplenty. There’s a whole host of influences and styles mixed in here, and as lead singer Vikki Gavin drives the band from song to song it’s easy to see why the group are beginning to make a real name for themselves. Having appeared on Tom Robinson’s BBC6 show recently and with summer appearances at the likes of Secret Garden Party and Bestival lined up, the stage is set for Fred’s House to build on some firm foundations. Slate the Disco - Live review supporting Paper Aeroplanes

 "Fred's House rock the crowd!" Cambridge News

 "(Fred’s House)...belt out some of the cheeriest, most positive folk-pop you’ve ever heard. They’re a talented, well-rehearsed bunch and singer Vix has a lovely bluesy note to her voice... they leave everyone in the room smiling." Theresa Heath For Folk's Sake magazine - live review, Sea of Bees @ Portland Arms, Cambridge, 13th July.

 "Saturday’s main stage entertainment kicked off for me with Fred’s House, an endearing foursome who had the appearance of Scooby-Doo’s mystery crew and the sound of The Magic Numbers. With an easy-on-the ear mix of adapted covers and original material they harmonised well to create a fresh folk-pop feel so popular that they were almost mobbed when invited to play again a few hours later in the acoustic tent." David Carlisle for the Buxton Advertiser live review @ Bakewell Acoustic Music Festival

 "What a delight - wonderful voices, wonderful harmonies and great songs as well!" Sue Marchant, BBC Radio Eastern Counties.