Bonnie & Clyde Debut Album CD

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Bonnie & Clyde Debut Album CD

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11 track, jewel case, debut album.

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Track Listing

  1. Marathon Man - Lachlan
  2. Fine Life - Griff and Vix
  3. Take a Ride - Griff and Vix
  4. Skin and Bone - Griff and Vix
  5. Grown Up a Little - Griff and Vix
  6. Bonnie and Clyde - Lachlan
  7. Standing Next To Me - Griff and Vix
  8. Too Late to go Home - Griff and Vix
  9. Hold On - Griff and Vix
  10. Closer - Griff and Vix
  11. Beautiful You - Griff and Vix

Music by Fred's House.
Produced by Neil 'Bugs' Rogers at Half-Ton Studios.
Mastered by Eric James at Philosophers Barn.
Violin by Cliff Ward, 'cello by Anna Scott, Accordion by Dawn Loombe, some organ and keyboard parts by Rob Poyton.
Artwork and photos by Maria Warnes at Maria Warnes Designs
Radio presenters - Tim Willett, Sue Marchant Kerry Devine