Careless Album CD

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Careless Album CD


Pre-order the brand new album now. Careless is the third album from Fred's House featuring 11 tracks. Presented in a scrapbook style packaging with lyric booklet.

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'Careless' tracklisting:

  1. This Little Boy - Griff

  2. Never Gonna Love You - Griff and Vix

  3. Careless - Griff

  4. Keep It To Myself - Griff and Alan Clarke

  5. Forget About It - Griff

  6. Can We Just Pretend - Griff and Alan Clarke

  7. I’m Not Saying - Griff and Vix

  8. Bad Place - Griff

  9. I Can’t Call You Mine - Griff and Alan Clarke

  10. Charity Shop Song - Griff and Vix

  11. Sooner or Later - Griff and Vix

    Music by Fred's House. Produced by Neil 'Bugs' Rogers and Fred's House. Mastered by Eric James at Philosophers Barn. 'Cello by Kaity Rae, violin by Hannah Elizabeth and trombone by Jonathan Ackaert. Artwork by Vikki Gavin.