Faultlines Album CD


Faultlines Album CD

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Faultlines is the 12 track second album from Fred's House. Presented in an 8 panel digi-pack with lyric booklet.

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'Faultlines' track listing:

  1. Bluebird - Griff and Vix
  2. Shut Up and Dance - Griff and Vix
  3. Fire - Griff and Vix
  4. Earthquake - Griff and Vix
  5. She Says - Griff, Vix and Chris Bradbury
  6. Nevermind - Griff
  7. Goodbye Sweet City - Griff and Vix
  8. California for a Girl - Griff and Vix
  9. Ghost Town - Griff and Vix
  10. Face in the Water - Griff and Vix
  11. We Don't Talk Anymore - Griff, Vix and Chris Bradbury 
  12. Another Universe - Griff and Vix

Music by Fred's House. Produced by Neil 'Bugs' Rogers and Fred's House. Mastered by Eric James at Philosophers Barn. 'Cello by Anna Scott, Mandolin by Adam Chinery, Harmonica by Chris Bradbury. Artwork by Maria Warnes